Thursday, November 23, 2006

You go, Logo

Hey Folks,

Let's get to last weeks poll quickly since I've got a fun idea for us over the winter. Last weeks poll asked was a a chance for people to weigh in on the legitimacy of this years worlds. If we clump the yes and no categories into one:

  • 52% of you think that this past club worlds was completely legitimate.
  • 26% of you think this worlds should have an asterix beside it representing the weakness of the open division.
  • 22% of you don't care.
I'm with the 52% and great job by Japan at Worlds.

Now to the future. Yesterdays post was about something in a blog by Sub Zero, and I mentioned that I really liked the logo. Well, we have an entire winter to think about ultimate, so what better time to have an Ultimate logo off. Each week we'll pick 2 out of 4 logos to move to the next round.

If you have an Ultimate logo (University, Club, or League) that you would like to add into the challenge, just send me a picture of the logo and preferably the artist (so we can give some of these people credit). I'll randomly pick 9 logos for us to vote for (over three categories). Then we'll see how things progress.

Just some simple rules. Feel free to pick the logos based on whatever criteria you want, but try not to vote for teams you play with (abstain from the category), and don't pick teams based on how good they are. This is a logo battle. University or college logos that are the same as the standard university logo are not eligible.

Sounds exciting? Well, I've collected 60 logos (from Score-O-Matic so low quality) to start with and I've randomly chosen four for the first round of competition. Here are your choices pick 1 in each of three categories:

Group 1:
Above and Beyond - Masters
Back Hoe - Raleigh, NC - Womens
Sub Zero - Minneapolis - Open

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Group 2

Big Ass Truck - Delton, Mi - Open
Big Sky - Masters
Bad Larry - Mixed

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Group 3
Chad Larson Experience - Mixed
Brass Monkey - Mixed
Brute Squad - Boston, MA - Women

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Idaho said...

how can you not like the condors logo?
on the plane ride to australia it was discussed and agreed that it should be a top 3 all-time logo.


p.s. the throwback logo is also pretty dope. see 2004 jerseys or any 80's jersey that still might be floating around

Dave in Cork said...

Can I get some technical advice on logos (cue mass exit to nearest bar...)? My club members are not short of ideas but we lack an artistic techie to sort it out to a deliverable medium ie computer files to give to suppliers. I use a Mac and have a scanner.
How do I go from some sketch ideas to a computer file/files.
What would be a recommended step-by-step process?
What software do people recommend?
I want to work from sketches/drawings, add text, adapt photos maybe.
I need to create a design that can be adapted for jerseys, discs and our website

Anonymous said...

I always go with the "less is more" logo ideas. When they're simple they tend to be memorable and lovable. Goat, Grand Trunk, Riot, Furious and Ozone are all great designs that I enjoy and can easily recognize.

Jeters said...

Can we get some of those Condors Logos to throw in to the fire?